Passion is born in the depths of the soul...

It was in the darkest corners of my emotional closet that the idea of Good Vibrations blossomed from. Left only to drown in past decisions made,  I let myself go.
It was the only way to move forward.

My name is Ashley, I’m 29 years young and I live in Canada.
It is through my artistic vision that I hope to connect with hearts around the world to create a community where we can learn to lean on eachother. To do this, we must first learn to lean on ourselves. We need to trust ourselves, be kind to ourselves, and know ourselves.
For me, re-discovering my ability to create artwork without a guideline was the first step to blowing that door wide open. Once I could see my mind at work, I could understand more of the process that is 'me'. I came to realize that my art was how I connected with my emotions and how I could connect with the world.

"I think we can all be artists. Everyone sees images differently because we are all on our own journey. But we're all in it together. I think that's the beauty of life.
Separate, but whole."

On this journey I have grown to acknowledge my good qualities, bad habits, and ugly traits.
I have been working towards expanding my horizons and improving on where I lack.
It takes a lot of courage to face your demons. It's fucking hard changing your life.

Things happen for a reason. There is positive in the negative - it's just all in your perspective. 
My artworks are not just pretty imagery from my mind - they represent my life at that moment.
Those moments become my art pieces. They are me.

And if I can connect with just one person out there, on the level to which my heart speaks to your heart, then that is an amazing thing. We are all magical.
And truly, what is more powerful than being able to recognize magic in others?

Join me in spreading good vibes around the world ♥
Each of my pieces have a story to go with them. Their story of creation is revealed in the artwork section of the site.