"Finding the wisdom inside the wounds you've endured,
is one of the most important conversations you'll ever have with yourself."

- Debbie Ford -


"It is important to remember that money is not the only thing
that can be described as 'riches' in this world."

We last left off with me trading in Ontario for Nova Scotia and hoping it was a one-way trip.
In keeping things short and sweet, this was the best decision I had ever made for myself.
I had saved up before quitting my job and I didn't have a job the entire time I lived there (although I did look).

I refocused solely on myself and becoming a version of myself reborn.
I lived just outside the heart of the city and was able to walk everywhere.
If I wasn't walking, I was picking any direction and driving to a new trail, lookout point, or beach to explore.
I took up classes for aerial silks to face my fear of heights & pole fitness to be reacquainted with my inner lioness.
(Shout out to Studio in Essence for my amazing experience).

Nova Scotia showed my soul what it had long be yearning for:
Adventure, Freedom, – and most of all – Nature.

It's a funny thing living in another province/city... it keeps a part of your heart with it.
But alas, after 5 blissful months, it was time to come back to Ontario.

A reminder that money isn't the only thing that can be described as 'riches' in this world.
Often, the experience gained is more valuable than any monetary value you may be able to put on it.
Never do something just for the money – have a purpose, have a meaning, have a spirit behind it.

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